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Snataka - Convocation Ceremony

The world has realized what is wisdom its structure and nature through Vedas. This credit goes to Indian Rishis and Maharishis who introduced Vedas to the world. 'Veda' means wisdom. Indians believe that wisdom should reach every soul. And education is a better way through which it reaches individuals easily.

Primarily education can be categorized in to two types, one which earns livelihood i.e. 'worldly education' and the other which makes life meaningful to live i.e. 'Spiritual education'. Indians have adopted the second type and have been following it in its true sense since time immemorial.

Vedas revealed the goal of education is 'service'. Wisdom without service is useless and service without wisdom is dangerous. One's education should serve one's society and the world. Indian spiritual education says 'Nature' is the best example to learn how to serve the world. Trees, Rivers, Cattle etc., which are a part of Nature serve the world by their fruits, water, milk etc., but none of these use its vitalities for itself. This is the essence of education that Indian student grasps.

For the past 25 years following the values of spiritual education of India coordinating with the necessities of the world, the Aurora Group of Institutions serving the world with their educational institutions. Aurora believes in man making education rather than qualification. It serves its best to groom its students as volunteers to serve the world accomplishing their necessities too.

'Snataka' is a ceremony followed in the ancient Indian educational institutions to honor the graduating students with award of degrees in the presence of their parents.

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