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ECE Laboratories

Electronic Devices & Circuits Lab

EDC lab comprises Electronic Workshop Practice which includes identifications, specifications, and testing of R, L, C components, potentiometers, diodes, linear and digital ICs, etc., and study and operation of multimeters, function generators, CRO, etc., and a series of experiments.


: Designing a Microprocessor and Controller are very much complicated and thus they are designed through VLSI techniques. A well-established computer lab with higher configuration systems. Practiced program in VLSI using Xilinx software and FPGA kit

Digital Signal Processing Lab

Processing and generating digital and analog signals are done in this lab. The detailed study of the digital electronics & signal processing concept based experiments can be performed. This lab has more than 31 numbers of Dual Core CPU with 2 GB personnel computer along with required software like MATLAB and other softwares.

Microwave & Digital Communications Lab

Modern mobile, satellite communication completely depends on Microwave frequency. The Communication Lab has been equipped with Function generator, and many other experimental kits. Microwave Lab comprises of bench setup with Klystron, Gunn diode, Isolators, Circulators, directional couplers and all other accessories. Optical lab has different trainer kits, Power sources and Power Meters.

Communication is one of the basic of all Mobile, Radio and TV. In this lab, the students learn about how the various modulation and demodulation techniques actually happen with the help of CRO and various kits. The lab is using advanced kits with which the learning and implementation is very easy.

MW Engineering Lab

IC Applications Lab