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CSE Laboratories

Computer Program Lab

CP Lab is used for conducting lab practice related to C programs and implementation of Data Structures. Students are given comprehensive practice exercises to provide a strong foundation and to equip them with requisite skills for real life projects.

IT workshop Lab

The modules under IT Workshop lab course includes training on PC Hardware, Internet and World Wide Web and productivity tools including MSWord, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher.


A database management system is a set of software programs that allows students to create, edit and update data in database files, and store and retrieve data from those database files. Data in a database can be added, deleted, changed, sorted or searched all using a DBMS.

Java Lab

Java Programming Lab focuses on developing the students coding part with the help of java’s core techniques that extends to work on frontend tools like swings and AWT. Also the code reusability is employed using various inheritance techniques and interfaces. File handling techniques along with JDBC database connectivity is also provided that imparts the students to handle a mini project.

Web Tech Lab

The objective of this web technology lab is to develop an ability with students to design and implement static and dynamic website. Web Technology Lab is a part programming world of XML Technologies. Basic XML Tags, Database Handling with PHP and XML. Connecting to Databases using PHP, PHP files and databases.

Compiler Design Lab

Compiler Design Lab allows students to construct regular expressions and languages using NFA and DFA. It also concentrates on construction of lexical analyzers, symbol table, syntax analyzers, parsing tables andcode optimization techniques.

Linux Programming Lab

The flexibility and enhanced functionality of Linux Operating System has made it the most popular Operating System for the institutions and research organizations. Problems in the field of networking, data structures and system software can be easily built on Linux platform because of the various inbuilt system calls available in Linux. Thus the main objective of the Linux lab is to make the students aware of the features and capabilities of Linux so that they can utilize its improved functionalities to develop new Linux based software’s and can also contribute to the development of the operating system itself. Moreover the Linux systems are more secure in terms of virus attacks and safety features than windows based systems.

Data Mining Lab

The Data Mining Lab at UT Austin is focused on the analysis of very large data sets, especially those that arise in the application areas of text mining and bioinformatics. The emphasis is on finding sound, theoretically-motivated algorithms for the central tasks in data mining, such as high-dimensional clustering, classification algorithms and data visualization.

Mobile Computing Lab

The Mobile Computing Lab studies design principles and evaluation methodologies for understanding and building systems support mechanisms for mobile computing systems including mobile ad hoc and sensor networks for achieveing the goal of anytime, anywhere computing in wireless mobile environments. The primary research focuses of the Mobile Computing Lab are in mobility management, data and service management, security and dependability aspects in mobile computing environments.