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About Department

The undergraduate programme in computer sciences and engineering is essentially aimed at developing a student with excellent programming and system related competencies. The student is supposed to be developing skills and knowledge both in hardware and software technologies related to computer science. Teaching is focused in system programming as well as application programming. Skills are developed in computer architecture designing, maintenance and networking.

The CSE programme is markedly different from any other engineering course. The focus here is more on hardware technologies like compiler design, computer architecture, networking, system administration with special emphasis on Unix programming.

Career Prospects

The prospects for this course are limitless what with computers becoming a part of everyday life. Numerous MNCs and Indian companies are always on the lookout for skilled CS engineers and one can choose from a range of options. Infosys, Wipro, Satyam-Mahindra, Dell, TCS, CMC, Polaris, Cognizant technologies, Sierra Atlantic, Google are some of the top companies that recruit CS graduates regularly. A number of opportunities in the government sector are also opening up, especially in the field of e-governance and Government to citizen services. Students can also pursue higher education in specialized courses like Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, and Networking etc.


To create a center for imparting computer education of superior standards and conducting research with the cutting edge technology to meet the current and future challenges of technological development.


"To enable the undergraduates to develop logic, and a problem solving approach and help build their careers in the innovative field of computing."