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Grievance Redressal Committee

Grievance Redressal Committees have been constituted desperately in respect of staff and students with senior faculty as chairman and staff as members of respective committee as given below.

Details of various committee members

The grievance of the individual will be given fair and reasonable opportunity to be heard in detail before the chairman and other members of the concerned committee in a peaceful and conciliatory environment depending upon the issue if need to be, appropriate evidence in the form of a material evidence or personal witness may be introduced by the aggrieved person.

The chairman of the committee, in constitution with the member(s) will submit the report principal, to the at the earliest possible time.

The principal in turn, depending nature, magnitude and jurisdiction of the issue, will arrange for the appropriate and early measure of redressal of grievance, under the management and same will be communicate to the ‘aggrieved person’.

All the proceeding of the Grievance mechanism will be suitably documented and recorded.

S.No Name of Member Designation Position Email
1 Dr. B.S.V Rama Rao  PRINCIPAL chairman
2 J.Bala Sekhar HOD , H&S Dept Member astih&
3 A.Malla Reddy HOD, ECE Dept Member
4 B.S.Swapna Shanthi HOD, CSE Dept Member
5 P.Sucharitha HOD, EEE Dept Member
6 M.Sangeetha HOD, ME Dept Member
7 M.A.Khan HOD , AE Dept Member
8 K. Surendar Reddy AR(Academics) Member
9 D. Prabhakar AR(Administrations) Member